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Complete Landscape Design and Upgrades are our specialty. We have the tools and skills to design or renovate your landscape from the ground up. Our unique combination of expertise and creativity are what make the difference between a landscape that is average or stunning. Soil is carefully prepared using the highest quality compost, time-release fertilizers, pre-plant fungicides, and snail baits. Plant choice is expertly based upon location, soil, surrounding, landscape, climate, irrigation systems, and customer preference. As with all GS Brothers services, design and upgrades are performed with a long-term relationship in mind

Irrigation Repair and

Certified Irrigation Technicians bring a new level of expertise to your property's water management. Today's computerized irrigation systems can be complicated. That's why our technicians regularly receive training regarding state of the art equipment, techniques, and conservation. They'll seek out opportunities to maximize efficiency and make recommendations accordingly. Well-versed in water management, they can make your existing system work more efficiently, and have the capacity to overhaul, repair or replace the entire system, or any part of it.

Water Conservation

Teamwork is the key to GS Brothers' way of doing business. Your property is assigned a Supervisor who serves as your personal liaison. He works proactively giving you detailed monthly reports and keeping you informed of current and future landscape issues. He selects several specialized crews for your property, each one comprised of experts in their particular field. Each of these crews is lead by a Foreman who aggressively directs daily activities demanding efficiency and striving for perfection. And for your peace of mind, all of our on-site personnel are uniformed, bonded, and fully insured.